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About GamePlay this RPG browser based game featuring the most stunning graphics. This strategy based war game has been steadily topping the gaming charts due to the spectacular game play features that it offers. Gorgeous looking characters, new quests, rewards and numerous epic battles, make this game extremely addictive! Take up the role of Knight, Archer or Mage to wage wars, acquire treasures, upgrade buildings, indulge in farming and collect new resources!


1. Energize the trees of your neighbors to earn gold and to raise the friendship rating which in turn gets you more experience

2. Do not use 100% experience scroll on a low level as it is much more useful on higher levels
3. The right way to spend most of your gold is to spend it on acquiring guild skills or on astrals

4. Participate in all guilds, den fights and team arena battles even if you know the fact that you will lose as they will give you a large amount of XP and insignias to buy gear from the arena shop.

5. Avoid using your crypt keys early in the game .Wait till you pass the catacombs level 50 to start using them

6. To gain more XP make sure you obtain only purple, orange or blue bounties .The White or green ones always prove to result in wasted attempts.

7. To increase your troops start using the charisma gems only in mid levels.

Instructions Use mouse to play.

Age GroupAll