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Strike Force Heroes 2

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Strike Force Heroes 2

About GameThis game is an interesting extension to the addictive Strike Force Heroes. It is a unique shooter game loaded with action, challenges and missions. Strike Force Heroes 2, includes a variety of quests, medals and weapons to choose from .You can even select the kind of soldier you wish to send on a mission according to their abilities! Get shooting and kill all your enemies now!


1. 15 Adventurous missions each in 2 game modes.
2. Custom Game option that enables you to customize the game
3. 5+ Different types of soldiers
4. Slot Machine which gives you the chance to win powerful weapons everyday!


1. Do not use any weapon, armour or attachment that is broken as it may lead to a high level of damage in the game

2. Steer clear of a dead corpse that you have just killed as they can block your bullets and can cause you to commit suicide if you are standing too close

3. If the mission you are in has too many snipers or juggernauts then it is advisable to quit the level and restart again.

4. Avoid attachments such as Heartbeat Sensors, elemental weapons and Extended Magazines as they require you to get too close to the enemies before coming into use.

Instructions Control : mouse
movement - W/A/S/D
jump - space bar
change weapon - Q

Age GroupAll