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Street Sesh

About GameStreet Sesh is a cool skating game where you can Perform 360 degree flips, kicks, cross over new objects and fly in the air .Try interesting combos to increase your score! Just make sure you do not fall flat on your face!

Tips and Tricks

To earn the maximum points, do 360 flips and kick flips while holding the left button down till you move to the left. After you have moved to the left try getting close to the rail by pressing the z and x keys and jump to the first and second box.

Use the z and x keys as much as you can as they will get you the most points

To get into the Simpsons skate category get to the second bus and press the space key to flip over the grey pole.

Instructions ARROW keys to move around Z to do kick flip x to do 360 flip SPACE to ollie.

Age GroupAll