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Robot Rage

About GameThe Robots have set foot on Earth again! Just this time they have returned stronger than ever! Get ready to battle against these mean machines by earning new weapons, upgrading your tanks, and learning new skills as you advance in the game. Master this game to keep your contenders at bay, save yourself from the fire, traps and electric shocks! This exciting browser based game brings along a multiplayer option giving you a chance to compete with players from all around the world!

Tips and Tricks

1. Make sure you attack your enemies from the sides.

2. Change the view of your robot to close, medium and far by pressing the 1, 2, 3 keys respectively

3. Buy a plow to divert razor discs which will bounce them back at your enemy.

4. Avoid traps even if they are inactive

5. Try your best to push your contender off the cliff

6. Buy daggers and nail spreaders and do not budge at all thereafter .Then lay the nails in the same spot and let the enemy attack you .Once he attacks , he will have to bear a damage of up to 50 at a time!

7. While you are fighting a tough battle with lesser armor points, use a Kamikaze bomb to defeat your opponent.

Instructions Need Unity Web Player to Work
Supported Platforms: Windows and OSX

Arrow keys to drive
X for front weapon
C for Turret weapon
V for Defense weapon
1/2/3/4 for Use power-ups
Ctrl for Rear view

Age GroupAll