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My Free Zoo

About GameHave fun with animals as you play the My Free Zoo Game. This strategic game involves managing your own virtual zoo by constructing new souvenir shops, decorating the zoo, building paths and enclosures .Fill your zoo with exotic animals and add new equipment to make sure that your animals feel homely and comfortable. You can also cause breeding among animals to create more baby animals in the zoo! Make your zoo flourish by introducing new additions which will also add to its revenue.


1. Free Browser Based Game
2. Played by up to 10 Million users so far
3. Colorful 3D Graphics
4. Realistic Zoo Experience

Tips and Tricks

1. Level up faster by earning experience points. You can do this by supplying animals, breeding animals, releasing animals, watering plants, completing quests and emptying trash cans.

2. Build a large number of shops, stalls and booths so that you do not run out of funds if you are not online frequently. You should also keep a tab on the visitor bubbles so that you can analyze their needs and construct new buildings on your zoo accordingly

3. The success rate of breeding depends on the enclosures present in the breeding center, for e.g. if there is a shelter in the enclosure then it increases the rate by 10 % and the presence of a water body will increase it at a rate of 5%.

4. If you have animals of the same sex in the enclosure, then putting one of them in the inventory and putting them back again in the enclosure will change the sex of that particular animal making it possible for the breeding to take place.

Instructions mouse

Age GroupAll