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Heli Attack 2

About GameHeli Attack 2 is a browser based game set in jungle.The player of this game will face waves of fighter helicopters together and their main aim is to destroy them using a wide variety of weapons. Whenever the player destroys 3 helicopters they will receive a new weapon upgrade enabling them to fight better


Each weapon has its own reload time, speed and rate of fire hence it is important to observe all the qualities of the weapon before choosing it. E.g. AkimboMac10 is a very powerful weapon with precious ammo.
Jumping is a very useful action and you can jump up to 3 bullets and duck for one
It is important to know your weapons according to their abilities for e.g. Machine gun is the most useful weapon whereas as grenade luncher is the worst.
Try not to look at your high score as it will distract you from blocking the bullets

Instructions Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move.
Mouse - Aim and shoot.
Up Arrow Key - Jump.

Age GroupKids