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Galaxy Life

About Game
Go on this exciting journey in the cutest space game-Galaxy life! This game features small orange starlings that might look cute but are strong enough to combat the evil alien army. Immerse yourself in unlimited hours of game play to be a part of one of the best animated space games of all time. Watch these cute creatures scutter around as they build new buildings and save themselves from the attack of the aliens. Compete against live players, complete quests and be a part of the alien wars to reign over the galaxy!

Galaxy life guide and tips
In the beginning levels of the game it is always better to purchase items as per the quests as they will save you some money.
It is advisable to place your important buildings such as the compact houses, banks and base near the narrow boundary wall
Place turrets close to each other and hide them behind buildings to surprise your opponents
Surround turrets and bunkers near less important buildings so that lesser damage is caused
Place your turrets inside a box made of walls to keep them safe
To protect your money from attackers fill your warp gates with cheapest units and queue up your expensive units in the training facilities until you are out of coins and your queues are full.

Instructions Mouse

Age GroupAll