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Flappy Bird

About GameHere’s a chance for all the birdie lovers to enjoy a flight with the Flappy Bird. This classic game and its retro style graphics are guaranteed to entice you. The main aim of this game is to keep the bird flying by tapping the space bar continuously avoiding various poles and pipes. Although this game is not so new yet it is always counted as a highly addictive one. Flappy Bird might look simple but it is an extremely challenging game which requires a bit of patience to master. Play this interesting game to win Bronze, Silver, Platinum and Gold medals!

Tips to get an High Score
Irrespective of the space between two pipes, target on keeping the bird in the middle which will in turn reduce the risk of crashing.
When the bird is nearing the pipes try to focus on the pipes at the nearest and not the ones next to it
Upon crashing a level make sure to refresh the game to start a new one to avoid a slow restart
When the bottom pipe is taller than the top then you must be quick in action to rise the bird above the bottom pipe
Play the game in the same rhythmic flow .You can do this by following the music of the game.

Instructions Spacebar to Flap

Age GroupAll