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Dawn Of The Dragons

About GameAct fast to save the Kingdom of West Kruna which is infested by the ferocious army .Fight against dreadful dragons, monsters, giants and werewolves. It offers long hours of addictive game play, new quests, gifting features, everyday rewards and much more!


1. Fight with unlimited and rare monsters
2. Multiplayer game, giving its users a chance to compete with other players
3. New weapons unleashed frequently equipping you with better fighting abilities
4. Free game
5. Gives you the option of creating guilds and fighting in groups.

Tip Tricks and strategies
1. Make sure you buy some land at the beginning of the game to get some income. This will in turn help you in your missions.
2. Always be a part of the raids in order to obtain the loot
3. Focus on crafting which will give you stat points and a chance to 4. upgrade items. Stats points can be spent on buying energy and stamina which will help you in your missions
5. Do not make the mistake of spending your planet coins to buy energy and stamina instead buy new gear with them

Instructions mouse

Age GroupAll