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Big Farm

About GameTry your hand at farming after you have inherited a farm from Uncle George and the prosperity of the same is now in your hands. Use your skills tactfully to manage your virtual farm by planting seeds, harvesting fresh produce, constructing buildings, decorating and enjoying many more farm related activities! You can also join hands with other players and join a “cooperative” .This gives you an added advantage of chatting with players and sharing new tips to make your farm better. Enjoy the gorgeous graphics as you play the Big Farm Game!

Tips, tricks and strategies
1. To go forward in the game it is extremely important to manage your farm using your business skills efficiently.

2. New players must track their tasks consistently in order to make their farm grow .These tasks help you in managing the farm well.

3. Playing every day will make you earn more money as you can then avail a daily bonus and complete missions in order to earn more farm dollars and reputation points .

The following are the answers to the secret achievements

1. In order to find the help achievements you need to first access the in game help which is located in the menu under the gears button. The compass button in the Task bar on the left side will also fulfill the same.

2. Dog whisperer achievement can be unlocked as you upgrade your dog house to level 5 and click the same to teach the dog its 5th trick

3. In there and back again achievement: you will need to visit 50 farms. You can do so by clicking back and forth between the first two farms in a co-operative and watering their trees.

Instructions Mouse

Age GroupAll