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Avengers Takedown

About GameInspired by the Avengers cartoon series, Avengers Take down is a fantastic action game. Take your pick between the two superhero characters Hawkeye and Black Widow and go on an adventurous journey to save the planet from the evil Hydra Force! Consisting of 8 exciting levels, Avengers Take down takes you on a journey filled with dangerous obstacles such as electric shocks and lava filled traps. Jump run, duck down, flip and attack to save yourself from the enemies in order to proceed to the next level. While climbing towers, press down a combination of the upward and right arrow key to jump high towards the right and the upward and left arrow key to jump left.


1. Make sure you keep your weapon charged by holding down the space key at all times

2. Run the evil soldiers down or push them over rather than attacking them with bullets as you need more than one bullet to destroy them

3. Always remember to collect the health shields marked with a plus sign

4. When dealing with monster enemies, it is always better to destroy them by pushing down a nearby object on as their powers are stronger and can make you lose a life each time.

5. Avoid shooting down the enemies on a slope as your bullets might not affect them

Instructions Arrow keys = move
Space bar = shooting

Age GroupAll