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Angry Birds of Rio

About GameAngry Birds just got better with its newest edition, Angry Birds of Rio which takes you all the way to Brazil!! Join the furious birds in their effort to rescue “Blu” and “Jewel”, the star birds of the famous motion movie who have been caged and transported to the mystical city of Rio de Janeiro. This game is a perfect blend of the classic Angry Bird game with a tropical twist!
Enjoy this addictive game with 4 new power ups namely the Sling Scope to laser target, Samba Burst for a dancing explosion, Super Seeds to increase the size of the birds and TNT drop to launch a blast.

What’s New
Brand new Achievements!
Find the hidden Fruits
240 Levels distributed in 8 new episodes
48 Bonus levels
4 Power Ups
Addictive Music

Golden Fruits: Look for cartons and bushes marked with special stickers to find special Golden Fruits. Look for every nook and corner of the dungeon as you might find them hanging anywhere!
The Pineapple awards can also be found in the boxes or crate with stickers on them.

Instructions Use mouse to play.

Age GroupAll