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Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend

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  • Total votes: 435
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Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend

About GameIt’s time to wage a war against 5 different armies and fight them as Achilles the brave warrior. Defeat your enemy using a planned war strategy and collect their spears as you walk down further. Use simple key control WASD to make your enemies bite the dust. The game offers 3 lives in every chapter and you need to crush all enemies in 3 stages of all the chapters. Keep checking the top of your screen indicating the number of enemies left and your health vs. that of your enemies.

Key Features
5 action packed levels
Real War like Experience
2 war based modes to choose from

In order to fight two sword men at the same time you need to :-
Use the shield and break the knee of one then proceed to kill the other
Kick a head to knock one then kill the second
Make use of the jumping attack to kill them
Run and use the shield bash and kill the other

Instructions WASD – Movement
K – Swipe/Stab
L – Kick
P – Pause

Age GroupAll