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8 Ball Pool

About Game8 Ball Pool game is rapidly topping the charts as the #1 virtual pool game. This multiplayer live game game involves using your skills to aim and shoot the billiard balls in the pockets before the time runs out. One can try the practice arena session before playing the 1to 1 matches which involve wagering pool coins in the game.

Play against live players
150+ Levels
Incredible Graphics
Chance to play live tournaments for pool coins and top the scoreboard!

Game Tips
Use enough power while aiming .If the ball is too far from the pocket then avoid hitting too hard .In some cases soft touches are better but make sure you don’t hit too softly.
Use the spin tactfully on the cue ball: The dot on the ball represents where the cue ball will be struck hence adjusting it accordingly is very important .For the backspin the dot should be at the bottom position and vice versa for topspin.
If you bag a break off you can still choose if you want stripes or solids till the next ball is potted
If you bag the black and the cue ball goes down along then you lose the game
It is a foul shot if the ball does not hit the rail of the table and gives your opponent a chance to move the cue ball

Instructions Use mouse for Aim
Left mouse click for Power
Use arrows or click on the ball to add spin

Age GroupAll